Birthday Weekend ft. Tribute to Charlotte Russe

After almost 6 months, I am finally back! In these 6 months I graduated college and turned 22, but also sadly lost one of my favorite stores of all time, Charlotte Russe. 😦 I loved that store so much that I wanted to dedicate a whole blog post to them and show you a little bit about my birthday weekend!

Look 1:

IMG_0896 2IMG_0903IMG_0910


Look 2:


The only good part about the loss of Charlotte Russe, was the amazing sales that ended it all. Everything was almost 50%-70% off and that was when I pounced.

The first look was an orange jumpsuit with a tight waist and flare legs. I paired that with a gold necklace to add more to the look. I wore this when hung out around NYC and went to Gotham Market, Dogville, and Bar Primi. It was super comfortable and flowy.

The second look, is a gray silk type dress covered in cheetah spots. I topped it off with a maroon sun hat. This was my favorite look of the weekend, because of course I love cheetah print. It was also very comfortable when going shopping and going to the movies.

CheapFrills Tip: Take advantage of going out of business sales!!

Charlotte Russe Outfit Details

Jumpsuit- $10




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Also, I want to start changing things up a little bit on here, but incorporating YouTube videos with DIYs and arts and crafts, and maybe some baking. Let me know what you think of the idea and which outfit was your favorite from this week’s post!


Shreya 💕💕

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