$30 Outfit Challenge at Walmart!! (First YouTube Video)

Hi Guys,

It’s #summersunday again and now we are trying something totally different! I uploaded my first YouTube video ever and I challenged myself to see how many outfits I can get from Walmart in $30. It actually went very well!

Check out the video below:

Let me know what you think of the video in the comments on YouTube or even on here! Also like and subscribe to CheapFrills!!

Here are the looks more up close:

Look 1b25bcdc9-2d79-4cb6-8b76-5e2d5d2927c36f7ff425-28e6-4a9b-80e0-1edd820e7430

Look 251822317-2aaf-4d8f-b83f-cfeaec0e258c7183fedb-0537-44bd-bbd3-77aefb6fdd61

Look 31b509e64-9d52-402d-bc72-0d49f4784af685149ca1-5bad-4bd6-9704-f55affeeec91

For more information on these looks, check out my CheapFrills YouTube channel! Also, follow my Instagram (https://bit.ly/2XiGEMb) @cheapfrills28 for more content!!


See you guys next Sunday!





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