Reuse and Recycle

It has been forever since I posted, but I’m back with a new outfit!

Last weekend I went to The Magic Garden in Philadelphia and of course I had be camera ready!

Check out what I wore:


I call this look, a little bit of summer in the fall! Don’t let your summer clothes go to waste when it gets cold. Grab your favorite summer skirts or shorts, add in a sweater or long sleeved crop top. If it is super cold, add some tights, a cardigan or a nice jacket. Don’t forget to add tall boots to keep your legs really warm. All of that together will give you the most trendy look of the fall!

Other summer for the fall tips:

Grab your favorite summer dress and add a long sleeve shirt or turtleneck underneath. Then add some boots or sneakers.

Rompers with tights underneath make for a great outfit for work.

Tuck your favorite dress into your jeans or pants to make yourself a bodysuit type shirt.

Add a scarf or leg warmers to any outfit to warm yourself up.

Details on my outfit:

Skirt: Rainbow- $7

Top: Vanilla Sky- $7

Hat: Forever 21- $10

Boots: Burlington Coat Factory- $25

I hope you rock your summer looks in the fall! Follow @shreyabendre on Instagram for updates.


Shreya 💕💕