Sunflowery Sunday

Hi everyone,

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while, just enjoying summer! This weekend I hit up some of NJ’s sunflower parks with an outfit that needed some summer love. Every sunflower was over 6ft tall, so you’ll see me looking very short in front of them. It was honestly amazing!

Check out the pictures here:


This is a two piece outfit. It’s a long skirt with slits on both sides and a matching crop top. I got this outfit on a 70% sale almost 2 years ago! It’s never too late to wear a cute outfit. I think this outfit can be used for fancy parties or just a family bbq. Just pair it with some wedges or sandals and grab your favorite sunnies and you’re set for August!


Outfit Details:

Matching skirt and top- Ludovica: $16


Also, if you are looking for places to see sunflowers in NJ check out:

Alstede Farms

Stony Hill Farms

Andersen Farms Sunflower Maze

VonThun Farms

Happy Day Farms

Holmdel Park

Donaldson Farm

Duke Farms


See you guys next week!


Shreya 💕💕